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  1. Hello,

    This would be a great website if it was not such a pain to navigate through. I loved many of the pics but I got tired of all the effort it takes to just view the things. I have spent thousands of hours scanning the web and looking for sites to recommend to my friends in the car business. This site would be a great one if it didnt feel so heavy to get around. I dont really know any other way to describe the feeling I have when I am browsing here. I have helped others design and I have provided feedback about other sites to help tune them to be more appealing to anyone interested in the content offered. I have never charged for it, I do it only to make my experience better in the end. So dont think that money is motivating me to write this. I just hate seeing a great thing pulled down in the mud because of bad arrangement. Sorry for the comment but I would like to see your site tuned up so I can enjoy it without so much wasted time. And its not the advertisments or any of the other content, its only the flow if you want to read more about what I am trying to describe I would try to explain in more detail.

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